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Drifting Off (2015)

Drifting off is a multimedia work for bass, electronics, and video projection developed with composer Ken Steen, video artist Gene Gort, and bassist Robert Black. The music is derived from the natural harmonics found on the string bass and sits atop a wash of sound created from manipulated recordings of previous performances of the bass part. The video presents a slowly drifting cloud that gently fades in and out of view in real time with each note performed by the bassist. All of the electronics components are executed with a custom designed Max/MSP interface which is used to trigger the prerecorded sound files, connect the video fades to the amplitude of the bass, and initiate a handover between the original video and the glitch effect video. 

Ken Steen, composer
Gene Gort, video artist
Robert Black, bassist 
Adam Lenz, programer and technician  

First presented January 28, 2015 at the Mengi Gallery in 
Reykjavik, Iceland.  

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