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Flying Point (2015)

FLYING POINT is multimedia project focusing on the lives of the Shinnecock Native Americans of Long Island. The rich culture and history of the Shinnecock people is not a subject that has had much light in modern history books and it is a rare occurrence to hear first hand accounts of the tribe's living oral history. The project seeks to document the experiences and modern life on the reservation through video documentation of sites of historical importance, community events, and visits to the homes of members of the Shinnecock Nation.

The collected material was presented in a multimedia installation serving as a living portrait of the contemporary Shinnecock community. Excepts from the interviews collected during the residency were displayed on video monitors and through video projections across The Watermill Center. This deconstructed approach allows for a greater sense of audience-driven discovery, inviting audience members to develop a connection with the stories and places that have shaped the Shinnecock Nation. Following the completion of the residency, the video and audio collected during the interviews will be housed in the archives of the Shinnecock Nation Cultural Center and Museum to serve as an account of the changing life on the reservation for future members of the Shinnecock Nation.   


Flying Point was developed during a residence at The Watermill Center with Tomek Jeziorski (Poland), Shane Weeks (Shinnecock Nation), and Karolina Zielińska (Poland) and first presented on June 13, 2015 at The Watermill Center in Water Mill, NY.  

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