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Multimedia Works 
I Looked at the Pieces and Still I Wonder Why 
(2013/2015) single-channel video
Circuit Bendr (2014-2015) 
interactive multimedia installation 
A Place to Come and Escape from the World 
(2014) sound installation
If Thou Return, We Return 
(2014) 6 channel sound installation
Trivialities (2015)
single-channel video

Video Postcards (2015)
single-channel video

Circuit Bendr (2014-2015)
interactive multimedia installation 

I Looked at the Pieces and Still 
I Wonder Why (2013/2015)
single-channel video

Puente (2014)
multimedia installation 

If Thou Return, We Return (2014)
6 channel sound installation

A Place to Come and Escape from 
the World (2014)
2.1 channel sound installation

Shifts (2013 - )
single-channel video installation
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