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Rhinoceros (2014)

Rhinoceros is director Robert Wilson's adaptation of the renowned absurdist comedy of Romanian playwright Eugène Ionescu. The production was mounted in Craiova, Romania at the invitation of the Teatrul National "Marin Sorescu." As Ionescu spent much of his life in France, writing primarily in French, this staging marked a unique occasion for his work to be performed in his native tongue and country.


Since its premiere, Rhinoceros has been preformed at the Platanov Arts Festival in Voronezh, Russia, at the Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and live screened at the Grand Cinema in Bucharest, Romania during the Festivalul Național de Teatru. 

adapted from a play by Eugène Ionescu  
directed by Robert Wilson 
associate directors: Tillman Hecker and Charles Chemin
assistant director: Bobi Pricop 
music supervisor / composer: Adam Lenz
sound designer: Daniel Dragoescu
lighting designer: AJ Weissbard and John Torres 
costume designer: Jacques Reynaud
assistant costume designer: Adriana Dinulescu  
dramaturgy: Konrad Kuhn 
video projections: Tomek Jeziorski 
scenographer: Adrian Damian 
stage manager: Gina Calinoiu 

Bérenger: Valentin Mihali
Daisy: Iulia Lazăr
Jean: Claudiu Bleonţ
Dudard: Valer Dellakeza
The Grocer's WIfe: Tamara Popescu
The Grocer: Angel Rababoc
The Old Man: Nicolae Poghirc
The Logician: Ilie Gheorghe
The Housewife: Raluca Păun
The Waitress: Monica Ardeleanu
The Cafe Owner: George Albert Costea
Mr. Papillon: Cosmin Rădescu
Botard: Constantin Cicort
Mrs. Boeuf: Mirela Cioabă
The Fireman: Dragoş Măceşanu
The Elderly Neighbors: Iulia Colan, Ion Colan  
The Chorus: Corina Druc, Geni Macsim, Natașa Raab, Costinela Ungureanu, Clara Vulpe, Cătălin Băicuș, Cosmin Dolea, Claudiu Mihail, Ștefan Mirea, Marian Politic, Anca-Maria Ghiţă, Eugen Titu, Cătălin Vieru

The production premiered at the Teatrul National 'Marin Sorescu' on July 2, 2014 in Craiova, Romania. 

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