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The Garden (2014)

a piece created by Dimitris Papaioannou
by invitation of Robert Wilson
during a workshop at The Watermill Center

presented as part of “Discover Watermill Day”
on 10 August 2014

conceived and directed by
Dimitris Papaioannou

creative team
Pavlina Andriopoulou and Michael Theophanous 

performed by
Pavlina Andriopoulou, Nataliya Andrukhnenko, Alessandra Armenise, Kayije Kagame, Gladstone Makhib, Tristan Mengin, Johann Mittman, Maria Nefpliotou, Brian O'Mahoney, Evangelia Randou, Helena Schindler, Kalliopi Simou, Emil Trybalski 

music by
K.Bhta and Max Richter 

music consultant
Adam Lenz

costumes designed in collaboration with
Mette Sterre

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