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A Collapsing Field (2015)


Padang (2014)


Sloth (2012)
violin, electronics, and video


Betrachtung (2011)


Starless Night (2011)
violin, piano, and vibraphone


Untitled 1969 (2009)
piano, vibraphone, and tubular bells

Video / Installation​

Trivialities (2015)
single-channel video

Video Postcards (2015)
single-channel video

Circuit Bendr (2014-2015)
interactive multimedia installation


I Looked at the Pieces and Still 
I Wonder Why
single-channel video

If Thou Return, We Return (2014)
6 channel sound installation

A Place to Come and Escape from 
the World (2014)
2.1 channel sound installation

Shifts (2013 - )
single-channel video installation


Flying Point (2015)
multimedia documentation

Drifting Off (2015)
bass, electronics, and video

One Thousand and One Nights 
in "America"
performance installation

The Garden (2014)
performance installation

Rhinoceros (2014)
theater production

Monsters of Grace II (2013)
radio drama

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